Inner Tubes


Are you deciding whether or not to put inner tubes in your lawn mower tires? You are not alone. We feel many people are not sure whether they can use inner tubes. Generally, you can use an inner tube in any lawn mower tire, unless it’s a solid tire. We want to shed some light on inner tubes to see if they might be an option for you.


Inner tubes or “tubes” are rubber bladders that can be used inside a tire to hold the air. Inner tubes are cheaper than buying a new tire and can assist you with a number of problems like mounting or holding air. Just like tires, tubes come in a variety of different sizes. No matter how big or small your tires you can find a tube for it. Even if you can’t find the exact size you need you can always go bigger, just make sure the tube is big enough to fill the tire.


Another great thing about tubes are the valve stems. Tubes come in a variety of different valve stems and angles. You can find them in a perpendicular valve stem, parallel valve stem, and a straight valve stem. Just be sure when shopping you get the right valve stem so you can inflate your lawn mower tires.




Some of you might be thinking, “yeah, but I have a tubeless tire.” Even if you have a tubeless tire, don’t think you can’t use a tube. Tubeless is just stating that the tire can function without an inner tube, but does not mean that you cannot use a tube to inflate. So, instead of supplying air directly in the tire just add a tube to hold the air.


Now, if your tire is dry rotted or the sidewall is shredded you might want to consider replacing the tire. But, if you have a tire not seating, not holding air, or has a puncture, the tire might just need a tube. Simply pop in an inner tube and watch your tire come back to life.


So, don’t spend that extra money on a new tire if you don’t have to. Look into the possibility of using a tube. Just be sure a tube is the solution, that way you avoid spending extra money. Remember, just because you can’t find a tube in the exact size doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Good luck and keep that lawn looking good!