Still need a Christmas wreath? You’re in luck because we are going to show you how to make one. This wreath is going to be a great attention getter and will make for a wonderful conversation/conservation piece.


Material list for your DIY wreath:


-Old tire (size varies depending on your preference)

-Green Spray paint

-Red Bow


-Staple Gun


Now, it’s time to start transforming your tire into a wreath. The first step is to completely cover the tire in green paint. Spray paint would be the fastest and easiest but feel free to use a brush. Soon as the tire is covered set it aside to dry.


While your tire is drying we can get the bow ready. You can either buy a bow or make one out of ribbon. After the tire has completely dried staple the bow to the tire at your desired location.


Just like that you have a Christmas wreath made from a lawn mower tire! It’s a simple yet fun little project for the season. Keep in mind that if you need any snow tires this season or need a lawn mower tire for this project just visit us at