Fall is here and so are the leaves. Soon yards will be filled and the trees will be barren. But, have you ever dreamed of not raking? In today’s fast paced society who has the time to rake leaves. If you choose to rake your leaves you end up spending hours outside trying to gather them up. That seems like an awful lot of work considering you have another alternative.


That alternative is to just mulch them up. Stop wasting time and money raking or blowing them to the curb. Fall is meant to be a thing of beauty and to be enjoyed. Not, a time of back breaking work gathering hundreds of leaves.


In order to mulch up leaves you don’t need a fancy lawn mower. Any lawn mower you own will be able to mulch them up. But mulching lawn mowers and blades are available if you feel the need to own one. Yet again, any lawn mower will get the job done. If you are not satisfied with the first cut, just take another pass around the yard.


When you’re out mulching leaves in your yard, know that you are feeding your yard important nutrients. Yes, mulching leaves into your yard is actually a positive thing. The leaves add important nutrients to your yard that will enable good healthy growth. So don’t fear mulching up your leaves, but instead enjoy the extra time you gain from it.


Finally, as for your mulching, you will have to perform it more than once. Don’t wait till all the leaves have fallen before you decide to mulch them up. Just like raking, you will need to mulch them throughout the season. That shouldn’t be a problem since it will take less time to do it.


So go out and crank up the lawn mower. Never be burdened by the thought of raking leaves again. Instead, enjoy your extra time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful aspects of fall. Remember, mulching leaves is a positive thing and having extra time is never a bad thing. Now go out and mulch up those leaves. 


Pile of Leaves