Spring flowers are beginning to pop up out of the freshly thawed ground and it won’t be long before turf begins to rejuvenate as well. This new growth requires nutrients that come from the air, rainfall, soil and sources of fertilizer. Unfortunately, after a long winter, soil can be lacking nutrients. Even if fall fertilizing was done, fertilizing in the spring may be necessary for a healthy and good-looking lawn. Poor nutrients can mean unhealthy grass and a good spring fertilization routine will get your lawn in tip-top shape in no time.

Soil Testing

In order to determine whether or not your grass is getting the nutrients it needs, the nutrient levels in the soil can be tested. This test will pinpoint the nutrients that are present in the soil and which are lacking. The best way to determine your fertilizer needs is to take several soil core samples from different areas of your lawn and combine them. Soil samples can be sent to state and local labs for testing.

Choosing the Right Fertilizer

The next step is choosing the right fertilizer for your turf needs. The best way to know that you’re getting the best product is to do some research. Make sure you read labels and understand what you’re buying. There’s not a one-size-fits-all fertilizer that's best for every yard. The results of your soil testing will reflect the nutrients your turf is lacking and help you choose the fertilizer with the ingredients you need.

Proper Fertilizer Application

The proper application of fertilizer is just as important as choosing the right product. The rate at which you fertilize turf should be specific to the type of grass you are feeding and rates can typically be found on a fertilizer's label or website. If your lawn has a combination of different grasses, tweak your fertilizing application to target the grass type that is most abundant. With the right spring fertilization program, your lawn will be thick, healthy and ready for mowing in no time!

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