If you're a homeowner you might dream of having that perfect yard. Obtaining that dosen't need to take a lot of money or experience, but it will take some time and effort.


To start things off, every yard needs great looking plants. Without plants, your yard looks like a golf course. But, picking the right plants is an important step in any landscaping job. The plants you pick will add a certain flare and color to your yard. Depending on your climate some plants will not be an option. So, be sure to do some research before you go shopping.


Once you have purchased your plants it’s time to start planting. When it comes to planting sometimes less is more. Especially if you want each plant to have the available sun, shade, and room it needs. Don’t try to cram everything into one little space. Also, feel free to use pots or any available containers you find. Not every plant has to be planted in the ground. Some ideas you can use include: mason jars, birdhouses, old lawnmower tires, hanging baskets, and etc.  


Depending on your current landscaping you could be using rock or mulch around your plants. Personally, I prefer mulch because it doesn’t hurt your lawnmower and is easier to change. Mulch can add great color to your landscaping and is easy to use. But, mulch does lose its color over time, which means you need to add fresh mulch from time to time. If you are using old mulch or rock we encourage you to look into fresh mulch as a solution.


Lastly, you need to manage the work you just put into your yard. It doesn’t matter how many hours you worked if you don’t keep it up. Hopefully, if you picked the right plants you could have little to no maintenance. But, you will need to still cut your grass and do some care taking. This will be much easier if you maintain your equipment properly. Visit www.lawnmowertirestore.com for all of your wheel and tire needs.


Things to Remember! One, a great yard is a simple yard. Two, usually the best yards have the least clutter. Third, keep it simple and buy the plants that fit your style and climate. Finally, make sure you have fun while doing it, because that will make the difference down the road!