Yes, Lawn Mower Racing is Real!

As it turns out, lawn mower racing is real. It's a motorsport that has become increasingly popular in the last 10 years, especially in the United States. Although it sounds strange, this zany sport involves some pretty serious competitors. In fact there is even a U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA).

Not to be confused with go-kart racing, lawn mowers that race typically have the engine and chassis of a regular model lawn mower with the blades removed for safety. Lawn mower racing has been featured on the hit show Duck Dynasty , as well as several other TV shows including Home Improvement, King of the Hill, and Yes, Dear. There is even a lawn mower racing video game, Lawn Mower Racing Mania.

Lawn mower races take place at fairs, car shows, charity events and non-profit events. They also take place at city-supported tracks and commercial venues. Races can be either on a track or off-road. Racers don’t race for money, but for trophies, glory, points, and bragging rights! Points are awarded at each sanctioned USLMRA race and many local clubs and chapters crown “local champions” annually.

Tires are an important piece of equipment for any successful racing machine, lawn mowers included! Can you imagine how many lawn mower tires these racers go through each season?

**Please note that standard lawn & garden tires are designed for max speed of 15-20 MPH