Need new lawnmower tires? Want to save money by installing those tires yourself? Great news! We want to help you save money by laying out the steps of how to change your tires.


1) To break the bead between the tire and the rim you need to work your tire irons between the rim and the tire. Rotate the tire irons around the rim until the entire bead is separated.


2) Lubricate the tire around the bead and rim. Doing so will allow the tire to slide easily off the rim. If you don’t have any lubricant, dish soap and water will work.


3) Once the rim and the old tire are separated, the new tire must be lubricated to allow the new tire to slide easily onto the rim.


4) Use the tire irons to work the new tire onto the rim. The new tire should slide onto the rim in a similar manner to how the old tire came off.


5) Once the tire is on the rim be sure to inflate to an appropriate psi.   


6) Mount the rim/tire combo and begin mowing.


 Depending on the size and type of tire you could have additional steps or methods. Again these are the basic steps that should hopefully save you money and get you mowing again quicker!


Also, check out these links and video that will help illustrate the steps of changing your own lawnmower tire as well!

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