It’s time to start thinking about spring! Soon the grass will need cutting and flowers will need planting. But, before landscaping/gardening can begin we need to go through the spring checklist. This list is going to cover the basics of what you should consider doing before spring. When you finish going through the list we hope you begin your preparation. So, lets start things off with step one.


 Step 1:

First things first, you need to check and see how your yard is doing. That sounds pretty basic and silly, but knowing what your yard needs will prove useful in the end. Every yard is different in what it needs. By walking around your property you will be able to see what needs your immediate attention.


When out walking through your yard be sure to take a close look at everything. See what trees need trimming, what flowers need planting, and even check the landscaping/decorations around your yard. Once you have a list of the things you will need, it’s time to move on to the next phase.




Step 2:

Now that you know what your yard looks like, it’s time to check your equipment. That means everything from your lawn mower, garden hose, tiller, power washer, and etc. All of these have been most likely sitting dormant and need to be inspected, especially if you didn’t winterize any of your equipment.


Some elements to check on your equipment include: spark plugs, filters, wheels, tires, engines, fuel tanks, blades, battery, hoses, carburetor, and the overall structure. Soon as all your lawn equipment has been inspected its time to move on to the third and final phase.



Step 3:

The finale step is the purchasing/pricing of your materials. Now that you know what your yard and equipment needs, it’s time to go shopping. The faster you find your materials the better off you will be. Soon everyone will be out buying equipment and materials. So why not beat them to it by planning ahead. If your lawn and garden equipment needs new tires, then we have you covered. Check out for all of your tire needs.


If some of you just need new plants you might have to wait. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start pricing out your materials. Search around for the plants and materials you need and see who sales them. Also  give them a call and see when they will start stocking them. That way you can purchase them as quickly as possible.




We hope you enjoyed our list and will start thinking about spring. We want you to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. Just be sure to not wait to long before checking your equipment, because you don’t want to run into any issues down the road. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, so go out and start spring off with a bang!