Do you have old tires you are no longer using? Then it’s time to put them to good use! Whether they are lawn mower, car, or trailer tires they can still be handy. Those old tires can be made into fun projects for around the house. This entry will shed some light on new ways you can recycle your tires.


The first idea you can try is making them into a planting pot. That’s right, a planting pot! Why go out and spend money on a ceramic or even plastic pot. Even though they may be small and stylish they will not be as durable as your tire. Your tire will not only contain your plants but will not break if dropped or stepped on. That will save you both time and money in the future. Plus if you don’t like the color you can always just paint them. 


 Another fun idea you can try is making an animal. You can transform your tires into a wonderful garden creature. Depending on how many tires you have and the size you could literally make anything. Some ideas you can try include: swans, parrots, snakes, frogs, and etc. Just let your imagination run wild when creating your garden animal. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to make an animal just see what happens. Who knows you might make something better than you imagined!


Maybe tire creatures and plating pots don’t interest you, but maybe durable outdoor furniture will. That’s right, you can turn yourold tires into some durable/usable furniture. How cool is that! Your tires go through a lot, so turning them into furniture would be like a vacation for them. The easiest piece of furniture you could make is a stool or table. But, if that’s too easy or not cool enough you can also make chairs. Feel free to use other recycled goods or scrap from around the house as well. The more complex the design the more resources you may need.


Those are just a few of the many ideas you could use. Like previously stated you can use lawn mower tires or any tires you have lying around. Feel free to use other resources you might have sitting around the house. If you are seeking new tires we can help you! Just visit us at to see the wide selection of tires we can provide. So go out and transform those old tires into a one of a kind creation and see the endless possibilities.