Known as “the world’s most powerful motor sport,” tractor pulling is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Typically held at county and state fairs, as well as at company-sponsored events, tractor pulling is not only about powerful engines, but also team spirit and creativity.

Fortunately you don’t have to be a farmerwidth= or own thousands of dollars of expensive machinery to become a tractor puller. There are many different pulling classes ranging from the largest farm tractors on the market to small garden tractors. When competing, a tractor will be hitched to a sledge, also known as a weight transfer sled, and will attempt to pull it as far as possible down a 100-yard track. As the sledge is pulled, a weight is transferred from the rear of the sledge towards the front, adding resistance. The further a tractor pulls the sledge, the harder it becomes to move.

Quarter Scale Pulling , a popular type of tractor pulling, is all about garden tractors. Generally modified for competition, garden tractors will have the blades removed, engines built to provide maximum horsepower and a weight added to the front of the tractor to prevent the wheels from coming off the ground when pulling the sledge.

Rear tires are important for a successful pull.width= The best types of tires to use for pulling large loads, like sledges, are lug tread tires . Lug treads have angular bars that provide superior traction in pulling competitions. Front tires are smaller and smoother and often come off the ground when pulling a heavy sledge.

While a competitive sport, tractor pulling is also loads of fun. Pullers often give their machinery quirky names and unique paint jobs. Paired with loud engines and cheering crowds, it’s no surprise that garden tractor pulling is popular in a number of states and among all age groups.

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