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How To Change a ZTR Lawn Mower Tire

Like wheelbarrows, a lawn mower can come with either type of tire. Assuming that yours has an inflatable tube.

Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) Lawn Mower Tires

Tools you will need:
  • New Tire
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Dish Soap
  • Screwdriver or tire iron
  • Optional: crowbar

    Step 1: Remove the wheel from the ZTR lawn mower and take it to a workspace.
    Step 2: If the tire doesn't want to come off easily, use a crowbar to gently pry it off.
    Step 3: Once the tire at a workspace remove the valve stem.
    Step 4: Release air from the tire so that it is easier to remove the rim.
    Step 5: If the tire does not come off easily, use a screwdriver or our tire iron set to lift away from the rim.
    Step 6: Before putting on the new tire, use dish soap to lube the beads.
    Step 7: Work one side of the tire beads over the lip of the rim using our tire iron set.
    Step 8: If you are using an inner tube, install it inside the tire so that the valve stem is properly placed.
    Step 9: Work the other side of the tire bead using the tire iron set until the tire is completely on the rim, and then you can inflate the tire.
    Step 10:Put tire back on the ZTR lawn mower.