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How To Inflate A Tubeless Tire

Instructions on How to Inflate a Tubeless Tire

Example for Step 2 (Above)

Example for Step 3 (Above)

Tools you will need:
  • New Tire
  • Rope
  • Air Pump
  • Lever (Or Something Similar)

    Step 1:
    Get a piece of rope and make a loop around the tire

    Step 2:
    Tie the rope in a square knot.

    Step 3:
    Add a lever or something similar in between the knot loops.

    Step 4:
    Twist the lever around a few times to put pressure on the tire, which will compress the tire down to allow air to seat the tire on the rim.

    Step 5:
    Once you have put pressure on the tire you can add air to the tire to make the tire seat on the rim.

    Step 6:
    After it has set on the rim then slowly UN-turn the rope to release the pressure.

    Step 7:
    Add a little more air to the tire to completely inflate the tire.

Want to see step by step instructions? Check out this video for help.