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Lawn Mower Smooth Tires

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Ideal for Front Tires!

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Product Name Price Qty
19x10.50-8 CST 2Ply Smooth Tire
8x3.00-4 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
8x3.50-4 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
10x3.50-4 CST 8Ply Smooth Tire w/Tube
9x3.50-4 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
4.10x3.50-4 CST 2Ply Smooth Tire
4.10x3.50-4 Kenda 4Ply Smooth Tire

Out of stock

11x4.00-5 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire w/Tube
11x4.00-5 CST 4Ply Smooth Round Sidewall Tire
11x4.00-5 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
11x6.00-5 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
4.10x3.50-5 Kenda 4Ply Smooth Tire
4.10x3.50-6 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
12x6.00-6 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire

Was: $25.95

Special Price: $19.95

12x6.00-6 CST 6Ply Smooth Tire
4.80x4.00-8 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
13x5.00-6 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
13x6.50-6 CST 4Ply Smooth Tire
18x9.50-8 Kenda 4Ply Smooth Tire
18x9.50-8 CST 2Ply Smooth Tire
22x12.00-12 4Ply Smooth Tire

Was: $69.95

Special Price: $39.95

The Smooth tread is perfect for the front tires of any lawn mower or lawn tractor. Smooth tires provide a exceptional traction on grass without making marks on your turf. This tread pattern is available in a number of sizes. See below for all of our options.

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Tire Tread DescriptionSmooth

Product Questions

Can I get a 4.10 by 3.5 - 4 mounted on a rim?

Yes, we do sell complete wheels in that size. The SKU numbers for the wheels we have in-stock are LMTS757 and LMTS755.