Tire Standardization Size

Have you ever bought a lawn mower tire from a store, brought it home, and realized that it didn’t fit the machine you bought it for? What’s even more frustrating is when the sidewall of the lawn tractor tire you bought and the sidewall of the tire you are replacing say the exact same thing. Something has to be wrong. Shouldn’t ‘9.50’ mean ‘9.50’ all the time? Today, we at Lawn Mower Tire Store would like to explain the phenomenon of Tire Standardization Size.

 Tires are made with molds. These molds can come from a variety of places. Depending on the manufacturer, brand, and even the time of manufacture, size can still vary a bit even when the sidewall says the same thing. When talking to customers, we always compare this issue to buying a new pair of jeans. A size ‘30’ at Store A might not necessarily be size ’30’ at Store B. With a large amount of variability existing in the lawn and garden market and the fact that customers may be replacing tires from an array of different brands and manufacturers, the best thing to do is to provide the customer with a simple and convenient buying experience. 

 At Lawnmower Tirestore, we always encourage customers who are unsure about sizing to use a tape measurer to gauge the tire they are replacing to add an extra layer of certainty to their purchase. If you call, Lawnmower Tirestore is even happy to pull the tire you are thinking about purchasing and measure it for you. On top of that, the natural give to most tires makes sizing pretty simple most of the time.

 To accommodate our customers and help with the stress that can come with replacing lawn mower tires, we’ve made a very simple ‘Tires by Size’ page to make finding the perfect tire easy. Whether it’s for a lawn mower, a trencher, a tiller, or more, we want to help. Please feel free to take a look around our site and place an order with us today.